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  • How can I order a sign?
    Visit our page 'ORDER YOUR SIGN' to see where FARM 911 is currently available.
  • I don’t see my municipality listed on your website. Is my municipality involved in FARM 911?
    If you don’t see your municipality listed, try contacting their main office directly and asking about civic addresses for vacant, rural properties. There may already be a process in place, and they just haven’t joined our website listing. If they are not offering this service, see our next FAQ.
  • How can I launch FARM 911 in my area?
    We rely on local advocates to help us get this program initiated in new jurisdictions. It starts by having conversations with municipal staff, municipal council, and the fire and EMS departments. We can help you introduce FARM 911 to your municipality and get the ball rolling. Contact us!
  • How many municipalities are offering the FARM 911 service?
    As of June 2021, we have over 50 municipalities listed on our website. Please note, this only accounts for the municipalities who have shared their information with us. If your municipality should be on the website, see our next FAQ.
  • Can our municipality be added to the FARM 911 website?
    Absolutely! Please connect with us via our CONTACT US page and send the contact information for the department responsible for the service, your logo, and any applicable forms that landowners need to fill out.
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